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Online Dance Experiences: A Unique Way to Get Moving

The Covid-19 pandemic has many cooped up but that doesn’t mean that exercise should go out the window. For those that aren’t fans of the typical fitness workouts, we’ve put together a list of dance workouts that your readers can experience online to help them stay active.

Merging dance and exercise, Capella Ubud will be sharing a Bali Dance Moves video for your readers to allow their natural rhythm lead them through an invigorating Balinese- inspired dance routine, moving in time with the vibrant, tropical sounds of Bali’s jungle. The art of dancing has always been ingrained in Balinese culture, with traditional Balinese dance harking back many centuries. Stemming from this rich heritage, Bali Dance Moves was created by the property’s resident Guru and inspired by traditional Balinese dance moves.

The Sydney Dance Company is a well-established dance studio that generally offers physical classes to individuals from all ages, levels and types of dance. Now, to accommodate for dance-enthusiasts stuck indoors, they have launched virtual dance lessons online. With rave reviews already, your readers can sign up for their dynamic classes on their Facebook page.

The Australian Ballet has launched a series of free online ballet classes for all ages and experience levels. The program runs for nine weeks (the first lesson dropped on April 9), with a new class released every week. It’s taught by Justine Miles, who use to dance with the company.

The Sky Sirens Academy of Burlesque, Pole Dance & Aerial Artistry in Sydney has released a suite of online classes to get readers grooving, grinding and feeling the fantasy at home. Available to total beginners as well as dancers who are more practiced in burlesque and sexy movement arts, these classes are delivered as packs of four videos with instructions. Participants can choose to learn tricks on a chair with the Bend & Lap class, get Down & Dirty with floorwork, unleash their inner flapper and learn the Charleston with Deco Darlings, up their flexibility with the Sexy Flexy workout, or polish up their freestyle showgirl moves with Flow & Sparkle. All are taught by the studio’s industry professional instructors.

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