It’s now December and I have embarked on a lifestyle change since August. I decided to stop eating chicken or beef. At first, I decided to become a vegetarian and I did it for 2 weeks straight. But, after awhile I added seafood to my diet but only ate it when I didn’t have a choice so, I would generally go for a vegetarian diet more often.

Many asked why I decided on this – and, it was simple. I used to work out constantly and the pandemic happened so working out online or on your own of course was and is a challenge. You are not too motivated and you slack. I put on weight during the 1st round of lockdown and of course exercise wasn’t a priority – I felt lethargic and heavy for sure. The once-in-a-while work out sessions still made me feel tired and bloated although I did lose some weight. Anyhow, after hearing many stories of other people becoming a vegetarian and vegan, I said it’s about time I tried it too! The first 2 weeks of my vegetarian phase, my body went into a detox and I saw the difference after 2 weeks. I was more energetic even without working out, I felt lighter and bloated less. So, I continued on until today…

My love for The Chicken Rice Shop never faded especially when you have a kid that loves his rice, chicken and cucumber. So, when I order for my son, I would scroll and see what I could eat to suit my new diet. I am not super strict with  my diet in the sense where if the soup was made from chicken bones I wouldn’t eat it, I would if there wasn’t a choice so as what I read and watched on YouTube, to each their own. Go easy on yourself or else you would feel miserable.

So, what does one order if you’re a vegetarian or pescatarian at The Chicken Rice Shop? I usually order their Nyonya Assam Fish – the sweet, sour and a little spicy gravy is just addictive that makes you want to drink it like a soup! The fish is cooked really well – it’s soft and melts in your mouth. And, you don’t get that fishy taste or smell.

Other than that, I love their delicious Spicy Savoury Ladies’ Fingers (contains dried shrimp). The ladies’ fingers are crunchy, fresh and tossing that sauce onto your rice makes you want to have more and more of it. And, you can’t leave The Chicken Rice Shop without ordering their Penang Rojak. The Rojak sauce is really thick and spicy. So, in one word, it’s GOOD!

There are many other options that a vegetarian or pescatarian can enjoy at The Chicken Rice Shop. To name a few – Crispy Fish Cake with Tangy Thai Sauce, Gado-Gado, Famous Stuffed Fish Ball, Braised Tofu, Sai To Fish Ball and many more. You can get further information at

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