Okyaku-sama konnichiwa! This year on Marrybrown’s Around the World journey, we will be stopping at Japan! Known for their beautiful Cherry Blossoms that bloom in spring as well as their abundance of gastronomical delights, Marrybrown brings you their latest menu filled with a surprise kick in every bite yet a comforting taste of happiness: the Oishii Japan menu. With the new flavour of the season, Teriyaki Wasabi, this exquisite seasonal menu will be available in Marrybrown outlets nationwide from now till 7 August.

For over 40 years, Marrybrown has strived to present their customers with “something different” as per their company’s mission. In the past year, Marrybrown has brought to the table various flavours from around the world such as Korea, Thailand and Italy. This year, they hope to once again hit the mark with a delicate and piquant kick of flavour with their new menu.

“Japan has a wide array of savoury, mouth-watering delicacies to warm your hearts. The characteristics of Japanese food can be rather similar to Malaysian cuisine, where they are tasty, fresh, well portioned, and unique in every of their dishes. That is why Malaysians are generally very receptive towards Japanese food and a comforting presence when consuming this cuisine. Seeing this appeal for many years, this is why we are eager to introduce our Oishii Japan menu that is unique yet familiar to the taste buds of our fellow Malaysians,” said Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.

Fans can expect nothing less than satisfaction from Marrybrown’s Oishii Japan menu, with a combination of sweet and tangy Teriyaki sauce, along with a zesty kick from the wasabi. The fun doesn’t end there as Marrybrown’s Oishii Japan Menu allows for a vivid consumer experience with a unique twist to their Oishii Meal. Their Oishii Burger buns as well as their aptly named Sakura Fizz are a vibrant shade of pink meant to transport us to the mesmerising beauty of Japan – giving their customers a chance to imagine themselves in a field of Sakura blossoms or even on the vibrant coloured streets of Tokyo when enjoying their meal.

Fans can now try their 2-piece Oishii Chicken combo accompanied by their Potato Wedges and Sakura Fizz exclusively available at Marrybrown priced from RM 20.50. Those who want to enhance their flavourful experience can try the Oishii Rice Bowl Combo, in which Marrybrown’s crispy chicken is drizzled in Teriyaki Wasabi sauce with a side of rice and a Sakura Fizz Drink, priced from RM 12.90.

Alternatively, you can also get Marrybrown’s Oishii Burger Combo which comes with an Oishii Burger, a side of Potato Wedges, and Sakura Fizz, priced from RM 15.30.
Can’t decide what to get? Not to worry, you can try a portion of everything with Marrybrown’s Oishii Box Meal, in which there is an Oishii Burger, 1-piece Oishii Chicken, Potato Wedges and Sakura Fizz, priced from RM 23.90.

“We are confident that Oishii Japan menu will appeal to all food lovers, as the quality of our ingredients
combined with the R&D we did for this menu is something different, yet rich in flavour and appetizing for all taste buds. We look forward to having our fellow Malaysians give our Japanese menu a try and feel the OISHII emanating from our food,” said Dato’ Joshua.

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for the perfect dining experience.

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