The enchanting Royal Mansour Marrakech has unveiled its new French cuisine concept restaurant now under the management of multi-starred Chef Hélène Darroze who prefers to be identified as a cook.

As of next Autumn, the restaurant La Table will become La Grande Brasserie and you are warmly invited to live an extraordinary experience in the grand tradition of the most charming Parisian brasseries.

La Grande Brasserie, An Embodiment Of Grandeur And Generosity

Royal Mansour has made magnificence and generosity its hallmark. The iconic Marrakech restaurant has once more created wonder with a new restaurant concept which is both bold and attractive thanks to Hélène Darroze’s passionate energy and immense talent.

Inspired by the lavish décor of the Royal Mansour, the idea of turning the restaurant into a true gastronomical theater play came to her.

Therefore, throughout each service, her team of chefs, pastry chefs and waiters will share unique moment with guests. A privileged encounter during which a story will be told around a simple yet high-quality cuisine.

“The common point between a grand Parisian brasserie and a palace of Arabian nights such as Le Royal Mansour is the theatrical dimension which takes you to another world”, she explains.

Pleasure of the moment, generosity on the plate, delight of the flavours, freshness of the products, joy of sharing, excellence of the service etc. La Grande Brasserie by Hélène Darroze will revisit the standards of the emblematic and grand Parisian brasseries and be inspired by their sense of dramatization.

Each stage of the service will be transformed into a spectacular experience. Each element will be meticulously crafted to foster a friendly atmosphere to create surprise and bliss.

French-style service, table-side carving and flambéing, bread trolley, ice-cream trolley etc. The service rituals performed masterfully will catch the eye even before the dishes do.

Precision, dexterity, balance, virtuosity: a lively show that will pay homage to the French way art of living into a joyous festive atmosphere.

Authenticity, Delicacy and Sharing As Always

In Paris, each grand brasserie has its own personality. La Grande Brasserie of the Royal Mansour by Hélène Darroze will stand as a testament to the prowess of French cuisine, exhibiting grandeur and majesty.

A place where emotion and authenticity will echo Darroze’s Basque roots, using 90% of local sourcing – an approach reflecting commitment to the local food network and sustainable practices. Aromatic herbs and the flowers will be gathered everyday, in the vegetable garden of the Royal Mansour, direct supplier of verbena, basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, pansies, nasturtiums, fennel etc.

Typical of brasseries, Le Banc de l’Ecailler will feature the irresistible seafood platters in a fresh interpretation of shellfish.

The desserts will pose an enticing temptation, like the giant Baba à l’Armagnac, Hélène’s signature dessert, that will be a splendid final dish to share. Not to mention the classics: profiteroles, Baked Alaska, mille-feuilles and the trolley of home-made ice-creams.

A Grande Brasserie, A Lively Spot Throughout The Day

Whether at the bar, in the dining room, at the wine waiter’s table or on the terrace, La Grande Brasserie will vibrate with a serene and welcoming atmosphere from breakfast to dinner, including tea time.

For lunch, different day dishes will be offered throughout the week, with the pinnacle on Sundays with the famous “Sunday chicken”. A French tradition, still respected by many families.

A true “madeleine de Proust” for Hélène, a reminder of her childhood Sundays where her grandmother Louise cooked a roast chicken for the entire family gathered at the family restaurant.

In the afternoon, tea time will combine the dreamy blend of French pastry mastery and the art of Moroccan treats, promising infinite sweet sensations.

“Royal Mansour Marrakech spares no effort to incarnate a culinary destination of excellence, with unique experiences in every style. Hélène Darroze shares our vision and gives it a unique power of culinary seduction, in La Grande Brasserie already and soon in our Moroccan restaurant”, said Managing Director of Le Royal Mansour Marrakech, Jean-Claude Messant.

In terms of both cooking and service, everyone puts their enthusiasm and perfectionism to make each visit to La Grande Brasserie great, surprising and especially unforgettable. A new and unique experience in the red city to enjoy while awaiting to discover the new Moroccan restaurant concept of Le Royal Mansour Marrakech, also conceptualised by Hélène Darroze and set for the end of 2023.

Hélène Darroze, A Multi-Starred Chef

A 6-star chef: 2 stars in 2021 for her restaurant “Marsan par Hélène Darroze” in Paris, 3 in London (also in 2021) for “Hélène at the Connaught” and 1 in 2022 for “Hélène Darroze à la Villa La Coste” in Provence.

A magnificent journey that sheds light on a creative cuisine made with passion. Her cuisine won her the “Best female Chef in the World” award in 2015 in the “50 best restaurants in the world” annual ranking.

Hélène Darroze remains loyal to her values of authenticity, creativity, sincerity, and respect of the local land. She uses those values to develop her passion for a heartfelt and emotional cuisine.

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