KFC Malaysia commits to delivering innovative Finger Lickin’ Good food through its wide range of menu offerings, especially by adding a twist of newness to our famous, world- class burger range. Introducing the brand-new KFC Burger Banjir – best enjoyed sloppy, messy, and unapologetically!

This drippy, mouthwatering KFC Burger Banjir elevates the signature Hot & Spicy Zinger on to a whole new adventurous, gastronomic delight – by drowning it in smoky and velvety Grill BBQ Sauce! It is perfected with a tantalizing layer of mayonnaise and freshly shredded lettuce, all between a toasted sesame bun.

“This beautiful, smoky barbecue-y mess of a burger is created to break all the rules in food etiquette. Go all out and do not be afraid to get your hands dirty with the new KFC Burger Banjir! This deliciously smoky burger is sure to deliver that crunchy Zinger enjoyment in each sloppy bite,” said Chan May Ling, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Malaysia.

Exclusively available at all KFC stores nationwide, for a limited time only and while stocks last, get unapologetically messy with the new KFC Burger Banjir launching tomorrow starting at RM12.49 in several options: (1) A la Carte, (2) Combo, (3) Box Meal, and (4) Kombo Aneka consisting of 2 KFC Burger Banjir, 6-pcs nuggets and Cheezy Wedges (R).

Get 10% off when you apply promo code BANJIR exclusively via KFC Delivery and app. Enjoy peace of mind as KFC strictly follows the SOPs and maintains its hygiene and safety for you to enjoy your FingerLickin’ Good meals. Visit www.KFC.com.my.

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