Included in the World’s 50 Best Hotels awards of 2023, Desa Potato Head is an oceanside hub of creativity where music, art, design, food and wellness play together. With a philosophy of “Good Times, Do Good”, Desa Potato Head is not only a pillar of the cultural scene in Bali but also a global destination for food and drinks.

Natural food and wine from Spaceship Earth

Dome is a casual restaurant and natural wine bar serving a changing menu of small plates and funky ferments.

A hub of culinary arts and creativity, it’s a social space where food, wine, music and the arts intertwine. Inspired by the Dome Home of celebrated architect, futurist and godfather of the green movement, Buckminster Fuller, it’s a place to mix, meet and mingle with like-minded people.

The food menu is an invitation to explore the best locally sourced produce, showcasing easygoing flavours and delicately spiced accents. The emphasis here is on low intervention, with the inherent quality of the ingredients taking centre stage.

The wine menu, too, has been carefully selected to present tempting natural wines and regional variants designed to appeal to both seasoned wine lovers and newcomers – each with distinct flavours selected to combine with the dishes on offer.

Natural wine is made with minimal interference—no additives or removal of elements. It relies on naturally occurring ingredients, working with what the specific region and year provide. The grapes come from smaller-scale farming, usually following organic or biodynamic practices. Natural winemaking respects the environment, using living organisms instead of pesticides, resulting in unique colours, tastes, and appearances.

Powered by plants

Following the success of Tanaman’s dinner experience, the concept has expanded to Potato Head Suites, ensuring its availability all day long. This extension allows the Desa to present varied breakfast options to their guests.

Working closely with local regenerative farmers, Tanaman offers vegetarian food and drinks made from Bali’s highest-quality produce. The creative dishes are there to be enjoyed whether or not you follow a plant-based diet.

The plant-focused menu is centred around whole, minimally processed, unrefined, and organic plant foods in their natural state. Tanaman is all about balancing deliciousness with nutrition, focusing on natural foods while favouring organic farmers. Honouring the entire plant — from root to fruit — using every part of the vegetable; with stocks, oils, flavoured salts, and ferments making sure nothing goes to waste.

Even the music is powered by plants in Tanaman – MITO translates the plants’ electrical pulses into harmonious sounds using biofeedback technology.

Authentic Indonesian

Named after “clan” or “tribe” in Bahasa, Kaum is an authentic Indonesian restaurant that showcases recipes passed on for generations but were rarely recorded or shared outside the islands’ 600 tribal communities. Marking Potato Head’s commitment to place Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage at the centre of the world gastronomic map, Kaum celebrates and presents a taste of Indonesia’s culinary origins inspired by the Archipelago indigenous tribes to a wider global audience.

Explore the undiscovered tastes of Indonesia, including the latest addition from the chef—a selection of recipes originating from Sumatra.

Local Seafood

Showcasing the archipelago’s freshest produce, carefully selected by the growing, farming and fishing community.

As vibrant as the Beach Club, Ijen focuses on sharing dishes, family style dining, simple and easy and definitely a fresh and fun option.

Desa Potato Head’s Executive Chef, Daryl Wonorahardjo finds inspiration in the daily catch. Beyond the freshest and most prolific from the sea and land, its menu celebrates responsibly produced ingredients from trusted suppliers around the Indonesian archipelago. Everything, from mackerel steak with tarragon and miso to prawns featuring rosella and strawberry relish, is cooked over open fire. Conscious cocktails are shaken and mixed with spirits infused in house. From the oysters to the beans on the menu, Ijen is a model for responsible dining.

Rooftop aperitivo

On the Indian Ocean shores, a rooftop bar, Sunset Park, offers Bali’s ultimate sundown experience. It’s a place for social gatherings, mixing delicious cocktails and bites while music drifts across the panorama.

With a menu blending Indonesian flavours and global favourites, from cassava fries to grilled prawns on a shiso leaf, sustainably sourced ingredients take the spotlight. The drinks, like watermelon spritzers or dragon fruit gin martinis, offer Indonesian twists using local spirits. Set in a spacious area, Sunset Park’s upcycled furniture and innovative design seamlessly merge with the natural surroundings.

The Beach Club welcomes a wide range of guests from families and sun-worshippers throughout the day, to drinkers and diners at sunset through the evening to the international party crowd until the early hours. Guests can choose between three restaurants, all with their own distinct visual and culinary style.

The first and most casual offering is the Beach Club Restaurant offers a complete menu of international comfort food which can be enjoyed on the daybeds bordering the pool as well as in the main restaurant area. The fresh and nourishing dishes pleases the crowd while keeping the surroundings in mind. Cocktails served at Potato Head Beach Club’s three bars as well as the restaurants and daybeds were created by world-renowned mixologist Dre Masso. Inspired by the venue’s tropical location Dre’s cocktails make great use of Bali’s incredible fruits, spices and herbs.

Being one of the first bars in Bali to win the inaugural Sustainable Bar Award for Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2018, the bar has eliminated all plastic straws, coasters and cocktail napkins. They serve drinks in reusable coconut shells or wooden cups and reuses citrus husks to make fresh syrups.

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