Japan’s iconic and award-winning BALMUDA has launched its two revolutionary kitchen appliances at a media event recently – BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot –set to redefine Malaysians’ culinary experiences. 

Founded in Tokyo in 2003 by Gen Terao, BALMUDA has built a strong reputation as the iconic maker of innovative dream appliances, having sold almost 2 million toasters in six regions globally since it made its debut in 2015. BALMUDA’s ethos is to design home appliances that will deliver a thrilling and wonderful experience to its users. This combined with science and engineering; BALMUDA appliances offer unprecedented value to its users and BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot are a true testament of innovative functionality at its best.

BALMUDA The Toaster offers a cutting-edge “steam technology” and precise temperature control to transform ordinary and overnight breads and pastries into fresh and perfect bakes! This amazing toaster has made the word “REBAKE” an everyday word in Japan and is best known as the “#the toaster that brings dead bread back to life” in South Korea.

Simply pour five cc of water in as a prelude to your REBAKE task. Heating more rapidly than air, the steam locks in the bread’s inner moisture before the surface is given a golden brown finish. The process draws out the delicious aroma and flavour unlike any other. This is complemented by a second-by-second control of three-temperature zones which create superb contrasts in flavour and texture – giving you crispy texture on the outside but still being moist and fluffy on the inside. 

There are 4 distinct steam-driven modes designed to create the perfect confectionery offering of any genre, ranging from Western fares such as toast, croissant, pizza, sourdough to local delights like curry puff and roti canai. All these are made possible with the multi-faceted modes in “Toast”, “Cheese Toast”, “Baguette”, “Croissant” –  ensuring the best results for your REBAKE adventures. BALMUDA The Toaster also has a Classic mode which is heat- regulated to reach the desired temperature (170°C, 200 °C and 250°C) without the use of steam. The Classic mode is recommended for dishes such as gratin, cookies, even salmon and vegetables!

BALMUDA The Pot boasts of a pioneering precision pouring with its gooseneck feature, water temperature mastery and extraction techniques to brewing an exquisite and aromatic cuppa. BALMUDA The Pot sports a beautiful compact size, designed for the smooth pouring in everyday life with the unique design of a gentle glow which it’s visible from every single angle. Its petite size and light weight allow users to handle it steadily so they can get just the right amount of hot water whether it is hand drip coffee or a rich matcha latte.

According to Ms Lim Pei Yan, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd (the sole distributor of BALMUDA Malaysia), the BALMUDA brand advocates the philosophy of “Better Moments, Better Life” – which aims to enrich lives through inspiring a new world of culinary experiences and discoveries for Malaysians for their meal times – be it at home, social, work or anywhere they may be.

“Malaysians love food. Eating is a very empowering experience and can bring so much joy, energy and connection with friends and family. The kitchen is the most creative place in the house. BALMUDA’s aim is to make the kitchen a more fun, exciting and enriching place to be in. 

“Malaysians also live very busy lifestyles. More often than not, we don’t even have time to cook or enjoy a fresh and hearty breakfast but resort to a piece of overnight toast. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring that stale bread back to its original freshness and crispness? With BALMUDA, and now you can! Our wish is for everyone to enjoy good bakes at any time, anywhere – it’s just like having our personal baker with us all the time! That’s essentially the core attribute of BALMUDA The Toaster – redefining culinary experiences and advocating a love for life,” enthused Lim. 

Award-winning pastry Chef Chong Ko Wai explained that making a delicious bake is not as easy as one thinks. The right ingredients, measurement and technique all contribute to the quality of the toast. Using the right appliance is absolutely crucial. “Besides being a beautiful kitchen appliance for my kitchen, BALMUDA The Toaster is very compact and handy to bring to anywhere to REBAKE my confectionery items to its original freshness for customers to try. So now everyone can enjoy fresh bakeries at its best, whenever and wherever they may be,” said Chef Chong.

Head Barista Wesley Liew explained, “Various factors come into play when brewing a quality cuppa. Take for instance, for a great coffee, one should consider the type of beans used, water quality, the right temperature and specific brewing techniques. BALMUDA The Pot not only looks elegant, it has the ability to heat the water within few minutes. The most striking feature is its gooseneck spout for precision pouring – which is key to control the flow rate and direction of the water to enhance the overall brew taste and quality. Hence, it’s not surprising that BALMUDA The Pot is a much sought-after item by baristas to compete and excel in international competitions.

Media and lifestyle influencers had the opportunity to experience with the new BALMUDA range via an immersive culinary session. They created their own versions of toasts with various ingredients and brewed various types of beverages with BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot. Everyone was impressed by the design and technology of the other BALMUDA appliances on display, comprising BALMUDA The Plate, BALMUDA The Range, BALMUDA The Gohan, BALMUDA The Brew, BALMUDA The GreenFan, BALMUDA GreenFan Cirq, BALMUDA The Lantern and BALMUDA The Speaker. 

BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Pot retail at RM1,799 and RM799, respectively and are accessible at major electrical stores such as Harvey Norman, TBM, ESH, Best Denki, Volt and more to come.    

For more information, please visit www.balmuda.com.my or www.visionary.com.my or follow us on Facebook & Instagram : BALMUDA Malaysia.

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