White Shades is the brainchild of JiaWei Bai, co-founder of the renowned Stay Gold Flamingo (#32 on Asia’s 50 Best Bar 2023). Launched this July and occupying a four-story shophouse along Boon Tat Street, White Shades presents a first-of-its-kind cocktail experience in Singapore. The progressive cocktail playground broadens the horizons for imbibers, encouraging tipplers to explore spirits in different forms, from boozy gelatos to bespoke craft concoctions and draft cocktails and beer.

Inspired to marry different concepts under a single for ultimate convenience, Bai has thoughtfully engineered the space to offer a multi-sensory experience. At White Shades, diners are invited to embrace the extraordinary, the imaginative, and the unforgettable. This remarkable dining destination promises to be a platform for new experiences, where colours, flavours and music unite. The first floor welcomes you to Dessert, the ice cream parlour, where joy and playfulness set the vibe.

(Above: Dessert at Level 1)

Vibrant furniture and hanging art installations add pops of colour against the backdrop of white walls; a playlist of famous hits will have you singing along. On the menu are 12 types of ice creams, made up of four tantalisingly alcoholic flavours, four classics, two sorbets, and the rest are seasonal and experimental. Housemade juniper-flavoured cones complement the ice cream, as do the cold-brewed tea and coffee and low-ABV tea cocktails served, giving guests a lighter experience of the innovative cocktail programme that is the DNA of White Shades.

(Cocktail on Level 2)

Venturing to the second level, Cocktail, guests will find themselves in a sophisticated bar enveloped in dark gradient tones and man-made stone. The ambience switches to a more elegant and luxurious mood, with soulful R&B tunes giving mellow acoustics from the cushioned walls. Hospitality is taken to the highest level on this level, where exceptional service is paramount. Guests are invited to connect here, with cosy indoor seats for intimate conversations; outdoor tables for the revellers; and waist-high ledges for those preferring to mingle while standing close to the bar.

The bespoke menu on the second floor is carefully crafted, with a range of boundary-pushing cocktails and fusion dishes. Aptly named ‘unRAW’, the first cocktail menu concept by Bai unveils the captivating journey he undertook to create White Shades. Savi Galloping, made with Codigo Blanco tequila, paprika, lime, fire water and smoked chips, is inspired by the Hermès scarves that decorate the space and the dust stirred up both by horses galloping and during the venue’s construction.

(From left to right: Savi Galloping, Bomber J)

The menu progresses to tell a story: as the fine dust settles, the team is ready to rock n roll, as seen in Bomber J. Named after the bomber jacket uniform the team adorns, this balanced cocktail features Suntory World Whisky AO, toasted rice syrup and Hinkoi bitters. Other cocktails on the menu offer a preview of Bai’s plans to evolve the menu in the next five months.

Accompanying the cocktails is a menu of bold, contemporary fusion dishes artfully composed by Chef Hosni, previously from Employees Only. Menu highlights include a Beef Tartare topped with a runny quail yolk and fiery sambal matah, and Tagliatelle tossed with spiced bebek ragu and winged bean. The beef cheek Rendang Grilled Cheese with brie and red cheddar is an indulgent bite to fill you up whilst enjoying a few cocktails. This is gastronomy at its finest.

(Beef Tartare)

Take the lift up another level and teleport into the Event universe: A blank canvas adorned with ambient ceiling lights that can transform into any colour. Here, Bai invites creative minds to fill the space with their imagination, vibe, and style, with a customisable setting to suit any branding or occasion. This event space can comfortably accommodate an intimate gathering of 35 pax.

Finally, atop the shophouse on the breathtaking rooftop, White Shades takes the concept of laid-back cocktail experiences to new heights. The sounds of soulful acoustic covers and live music will set the vibe on the Rooftop. There will also be a corner filled with games to further liven up the space. Keen to give guests a range of price points, White Shades will serve draft beers and draft cocktails here, each affordably priced under $20.

“Since young, it has always been a personal goal of mine to open my own space. At White Shades, creativity is not just a buzzword; it’s ingrained in every fibre of the space. From the moment guests step through the doors, they will be transported into a vibrant world where each floor boasts a distinct identity, colour tone, and music genre, resulting in four mesmerisingly different experiences,” shares Bai.

White Shades is located at 25 Boon Tat Street. For reservations, please contact 8575 8578 or make your booking via this link.

Opening timings differ for each level, as stated below:
Dessert (L1): Mon-Thurs, 12 pm to 10 pm and Fri-Sat, 12pm to 11 pm
Cocktail (L2): Mon-Sat, 5pm to 12am
Rooftop (L4): Mon-Sat, 5pm to 12am (Opening soon)

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