Malaysia’s Berjaya Food Berhad (“BFood”) sets the stage for a culinary revolution in the Philippines as it proudly introduces the much-anticipated arrival of Paris Baguette, the quintessential French-inspired South Korean bakery café, to the bustling landscape of SM Mall of Asia (SM MOA) in Metro Manila. 

Paris Baguette, owned by the esteemed SPC Group, a leading South Korean food and confectionery conglomerate, first made waves in 1988, captivating hearts and taste buds worldwide with its fusion of French sophistication and Korean culinary finesse.

In August 2023, BFood made a monumental move where they inked a master franchise agreement in with Philippine’s Middle Trade Inc. and Paris Baguette Singapore, marking a new era for gastronomic delight in the Philippines.

Under this visionary pact, Bfood’s unit, Berjaya Food (International) Sdn. Bhd., in collaboration with Middle Trade Inc., assumes the role of Paris Baguette’s local operations under Berjaya Paris Baguette Philippines.

The grand opening of the number one French-inspired bakery café in South Korea was graced by esteemed dignitaries including the Ambassador of South Korea to the Philippines, His Excellency Mr. Lee Sang-Hwa, the President and CEO of SPC Group, Mr. Hur Jin-soo, Group CEO of Berjaya Food Berhad and Chairman of Berjaya Paris Baguette Philippines, Dato’ Sydney Quays, Vice Chairman of Berjaya Paris Baguette Philippines Mr. Frederick Siy, CEO of Paris Baguette Southeast Asia, Ms. Hana Lee, and President of SM Supermalls, Mr. Steven Tan.

Guests were treated with a delightful array of Paris Baguette’s global favorites such as the signature silky roll, strawberry yoghurt cake, and their most sought after flakey-buttery croissants. Adding a touch of Filipino flair, the event unveiled the Philippines-exclusive Ube Series and Ensaïmada, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation while honoring local tastes.

Dato’ Sydney Quays, GCEO of BFood and Chairman of Berjaya Paris Baguette Philippines, expressed his enthusiasm for the brand’s future, declaring, “We are thrilled to unveil our ambitious expansion plans, including the opening of four additional stores in strategic locations across the Philippines and venturing into other ASEAN markets.

With Malaysia and the Philippines as our starting points, BFood embarks on a journey of growth and culinary exploration, bringing Paris Baguette’s renowned offerings closer to ASEAN communities.”

Today, Paris Baguette boasts a presence with over 3400 stores in its homeland, making them the number one bakery chain in South Korea. With expansions in Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, and now the Philippines, the brand’s global footprint is nearly reaching to 4000 locations. 

With each new location, Paris Baguette has become a beloved destination for locals, offering not only exceptional French-inspired baked goods but also an ambiance that depicts the brand’s theme. 

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