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Just recently celebrating its second anniversary, Tsuka Restaurant in Bangsar has been getting quite the attention. Apart from the delicious food offered, it is also making heads turn thanks to the beautiful and cozy interior design.

Situated along the famed Jalan Telawi 5, Tsuka is the place where guests can embark on a culinary journey through the Malay Peninsula. Diners will discover a new appreciation for local provenance, with a seasonal menu that unearths the unique flavours of locally sourced spices, herbs and vegetables.  

In addition to sourcing only the freshest, locally grown produce and heirloom ingredients, Tsuka approaches every menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with perfection.

Co-owner of Tsuka, Ms. Zaidah or more popularly known as Ms. Zee said Tsuka is actually a place for guests to savour Malaysian street food in a slightly fancy environment.

 “At Tsuka, my goal is to let my customers enjoy traditional Malaysian dishes, mainly street food in a more comfortable environment. We feature various dishes from almost all the states in Peninsula Malaysia,” said Zaidah who opened the restaurant with her business partner Datin Sri Dr Maison.

As an attestation to this idea, Tsuka unveils a delightful menu comprising of mouth-watering appetizers right down to delectable desserts.

For a rather memorable start, begin with Roti Titab, a Kelantan breakfast delicacy consisting of double decked butter toast with a dollop of kaya spread and half boiled eggs.

They have a few other delicious starting options but the Roti Titab is truly a pleasant opener.

As for the mains, guests can savour a range of flavourful wonders from their Nasi Lemak Telur Bungkus right down to other nation-state ‘stars’ like the Laksam Mek Kelate, Soto Nasi Impit Begedil, Nasi Dagang Mat Ganu and many more.

The piece de resistance is of course the in-house specialty which is the Laksa Johor Ms Zee. Named after the co-owner who also hails from Johor, this is definitely one of the restaurant’s highlights.

Other worthy mentions (if not the whole menu) would be the Nasi Ambeng JB, Cucur Udang (prawn fritters), Lontong Lodeh Mak Tok, Kacang Phool Ummi and several others.

Be sure to leave some space for dessert as Tsuka has its fair share of sweetness. We got to try the Kerala Appam Manis, which is a bowl-shaped crispy thin pancake made from fermented rice sprinkled with Gula Melaka and served with coconut milk on the side.

Clearly a masterpiece of a menu, this recommended course is just a fragment of what Tsuka can actually offer as there are still other choices that diners may choose from.

With its name inspired by the Malay word for “like,” the eatery features a comfortable open-floor plan where guests can browse and occupy the area at breakfast, before enjoying a more modular dining experience during lunch and dinner.

It also has a lovely bathroom and a Muslim prayer room as well.

So for an unforgettable dining experience in KL, head on down to Tsuka to attest to this magnificent culinary discovery!

*Tsuka is also listed on Grab.

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