Little Origins, an offshoot of local food manufacturer The Foodie Hub marks one year of providing innovative nutritional solutions in baby weaning. Building on The Foodie Hub’s legacy as a family-owned food manufacturer, Little Origins reimagines a timeless favourite, chicken floss, into a nutritious delight for toddlers.

Chicken floss, a cherished traditional topping and everyday snack for over 50 years, has taken a new form with Little Origins’ baby food line, in the form of chicken fluff. Created to be used as meal toppings for babies and toddlers, Albert Goh, Founder and CEO of The Foodie Hub, first stumbled upon the idea as he witnessed his own children enjoying a meal of chicken floss with rice. Considering the benefits of the snack as a source of protein and fats, he began to consider the possibility of a healthier version of it — one even more suitable for young children.

At the same time, Albert also became attuned to the difficulties faced by urban parents, who wanted to provide the best possible nutrition for their children as they began to introduce them to regular food, but were held back by time constraints.

As parents, we all want to provide as best as we can for our children, and that starts with nutrition. The problem is that modern life and its requirements can sometimes hamper our efforts, and we wind up compromising quality for convenience — but that shouldn’t be the case. Parenting, and providing for your children should be a joyful experience, something you enjoy, not stress about,” Albert shared, continuing “We already had experience in manufacturing popular food items through The Foodie Hub — now we wanted to develop a food item that brought convenience and nutrition together, without compromising one or the other.”

Working on this concept, Little Origins soon took flight, officially launching in 2022 with the introduction of a line of nutritious baby food toppings in the form of vegetable-infused chicken fluff. Through the curation of a groundbreaking line of superfood toppings, the brand also serves as an extension of its parent company’s commitment to crafting quality toppings, snacks, and culinary creations. A convenient solution which offers respite to time-strapped urban parents, their chicken fluff toppings provide a hassle-free method of adding nutrients to meals, making sure your little one gets the nutrition they need. Current flavours available include;

● Chicken Fluff + Purple Sweet Potato, Blueberry & Broccoli, 40g: Crafted for brain health and improved cognitive abilities, this blend combines the nutritional benefits of blueberries, purple sweet potato, and broccoli. Blueberries, known for aiding memory, and purple sweet potato, rich in vitamins A and C, complement the natural goodness of chicken fluff.
● Chicken Fluff + Pumpkin, Apple & Broccoli, 40g: Tailored to enhance eyesight, this variety includes vitamin A-packed pumpkin and fibre-rich apple, ensuring a nutritious boost for growing toddlers. Broccoli adds an extra dose of antioxidants and vitamins to support overall health.
● Chicken Fluff + Seaweed, Sesame Seed & Broccoli, 40g: Geared towards bone health and strength, this topping incorporates nutrient-rich seaweed, sesame seeds, and broccoli. With anti-inflammatory properties and a wealth of vitamins and minerals, this blend ensures a holistic approach to growing strong and healthy.

Little Origin’s dedication to excellence is embodied in its innovative approach to baby weaning, encapsulated in the philosophy of nutrient-rich simplicity. Employing state-of-the-art freeze-dried technology, the brand focuses on preserving the maximum nutritional value of locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. The convenience factor is elevated by requiring only hot water for preparation, recognising the time constraints faced by modern parents.

Made solely from natural ingredients, the products contain no added salt, sugar, artificial flavours, colourings, or preservatives, further ensuring that these offerings are not only good for little ones but also a convenient, guilt-free choice for discerning parents. This commitment to simplicity not only streamlines the weaning process but also reflects the brand’s conscious choice to support local communities and promote sustainability. In essence, nutrient-rich simplicity stands as Little Origin’s promise to redefine baby weaning by providing parents with convenient, yet nutritionally rich, options that prioritise the authentic and wholesome nourishment crucial for a child’s growth, making sure they can, per the brand’s tagline, grow up great!

As an integral part of The Foodie Hub family, Little Origins remains committed to providing wholesome and nourishing options for families. Currently, Little Origin’s products are available for purchase via, as well as on both Shopee, or Lazada, in the form of either single jars, which allow you to select your flavour of choice; starter sets, which come in a set containing all three flavours; or bundle sets, which contain four of each set.

For a limited time, customers who follow Little Origins on either platform can enjoy a special promotion, where they will receive one free porridge with the purchase of one set. Join us in celebrating the first anniversary and experience the journey of nourishing little ones with the best in weaning.

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