In conjunction with Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street 10th anniversary, we are counting down our top authentic Japanese bento box picks for you to take away! Meshiagare!

Few meals are as satisfying as a Japanese bento box. Traditionally composed of rice or noodles, a protein, with pickled or cooked vegetables, these delicious boxed meals are made with love and form the perfect marriage of delicious nutrition and convenience. There are several modern bento box variations with different Japanese delicacies packed in, giving you a diverse tasting of the best of Japanese cuisine. So many bento boxes, so little time!

#1 – Crunchy Nanban

Chicken Nanban is a dish called yoshoku meaning western style food adapted to suit Japanese tastes. This is no ordinary fried chicken though! This succulent chicken is marinated in a sweet and tangy sauce and deep fried to crisp perfection to achieve that signature crunch. Tokyo Teppan’s Chicken Nanban is also served with a side of gyoza and vegetable tempura to round up your hearty meal!

Location: Tokyo Teppan, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#2 – Kimchi Power

Calling all kimchi lovers! Ichi Zen’s Gyuniku / Butaniku Kimuchi Itame To Saba Steak bento set offers a choice of sliced beef or pork generously slathered in kimchi paste, with a side of saba fish steak that will keep your belly full and happy!

Location: Ichi Zen, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#3 – Spicy Nanban

Looking to turn up the heat? We’ve got you covered with the Salmon Shioyaki / Teriyaki To Chicken Nanban Pirikara Sauce bento set. This spicy treat comes with salmon (either salted or teriyaki style) and a side of deep-fried chicken covered in spicy nanban sauce!

Location: Ichi Zen, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#4 – Juicy Teriyaki

Is there anything better than enjoying a serving of succulent teriyaki chicken? Get your scrumptious teriyaki bento box from Tokyo Teppan, which includes a tasty serving of teriyaki chicken and assorted appetizers to give you a well-rounded treat!

Location: Tokyo Teppan, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#5 – Japanese Curry

We can’t forget about one of Japan’s signature dishes – Japanese curry! Ichi Zen’s Chicken Katsu Curry To Tako Yaki bento set pairs juicy deep-fried chicken katsu cutlets with delicious and hearty Japanese curry and a side of takoyaki that is sure to get your mouth watering!

Location: Ichi Zen, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#6 – Classic Sushi

Craving some traditional Japanese sushi? Look no further! Tokyo Teppan’s sushi bento box includes a succulent sushi selection, tasty gyoza, and assorted appetizers. Yum!

Location: Tokyo Teppan, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#7 – Generously Ginger

For those craving some aroma, we recommend the Gyuniku (beef) / butaniku (pork) Shogayaki To Salmon Mentai Island Roll bento. This tasty treat combines sliced beef or pork slices dripping in delicious ginger sauce with roasted salmon and cod roe handrolls for a balanced meal.

Location: Ichi Zen, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#8 – Buttery goodness

More butter please! Most cuisines use butter to elevate the dish, and Japanese cuisine is no exception! Ichi Zen’s Salmon MentaiYaki To Hotate Kinoko Butter Itame bento set serves up deliciously grilled salmon topped with cod roe mayonnaise and a side of scallops and buttered
mushrooms for a decadently delightful dish!

Location: Ichi Zen, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#9 – Surf ‘n Turf

Land or sea – why not both! The Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki To Wakadori Karaage bento set offers you perfectly grilled saba fish (salted or teriyaki style) and crispy, golden chicken for maximum satisfaction – tasty!

Location: Ichi Zen, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#10 – Make your own!

Still want something different? Make your own bento box! With cute bento box sets and accessories from Daiso, you will be well equipped to prepare your
own DIY bento box lunch sets at home! Don’t forget to also stop by Shojikiya to purchase authentic Japanese ingredients to whip up your Japanese lunch!

Daiso, Level 6, Pavilion KL
Shojikiya, Level 6, Pavilion KL

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