Started off with only one passion in mind, her daughter, founder Aishah Ishak wanted only the best for her especially when it was concerning what was being fed to Aya. Named after her daughter, AYA Real Food is an independent food manufacturing company based in Taping, Perak and has a head-quarter in Kuala Lumpur. AYA sells ready-to-cook sauces and pastes which uses all natural ingredients.

“Like any other parent, I want only the best for my daughter and it begins from ensuring she gets the right and adequate nutrition. Healthy eating feeds healthy bodies which, in turn, develops healthy minds,” shared Aishah.

With the recent situation around the world, as we combat this outbreak together by staying home, why not have some delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family within minutes.

And, what’s great about the sauces – they are multi-purpose and can be used for unlimited dishes. You can use it as a dipping sauce, making soup or as a main dish, marination and even children’s food! And, it’s so simple for those who want a wholesome meal yet are not good at cooking. All you need to do is add fish, chicken, beef or even vegetables and pour the sauce in and cook it! You can also browse if you need some ideas on how to cook your dishes. The sauces comes in a big value family pack (500grams) whereas other brands can only be seen in 100grams to 200grams which would cause you to buy 5 to 7 packs to last a week. However, with AYA, 1 pack will last you for up to a week where you’re able to make different dishes every day.

AYA Real Food has 4 different sauces which comes in the 500grams pack – Karashi Bilis, Seafood Cook Out, Gillies Rendang and Kalio. Not only that, we recently launched our Mini Packs of Gillies Rendang, Karashi Bilis, Seafood Cookout and Kalio. This pouches comes in a packaging of 120grams.

All the sauces comes with a 2 years shelf life therefore you can stock it up. However, once you have opened the packaging, it will lasts 3 days if kept in the fridge and 3 months if it’s in the freezer.

AYA have also taken the initiatives in making sure their packaging can be recycled and is reusable. With always thinking about the future in mind, their sauces is backed by years of industry experience and all the products and manufacturing plant carry the HACCP certification and is also certified HALAL. They aim to give you healthy and delicious sauces with no MSG, no preservatives, no colorant and are gluten-free too.

If you’d like to purchase their products, you can get it these Jaya Grocer outlets in Starling Mall, Gardens Mall and Intermark or via their website.

To learn more about Aya Real Food visit:




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