Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the variety of food given at a buffet setup so, for something different, why not try the Mubarak Platter at Burnin’ Pit. Burnin’ Pit is known for their smoked meat and for this Ramadan they are serving you something different to the table.

With 2 options for 2 pax at RM108++ or for 4 pax at RM216++ you will be given a choice of Brisket Fried Rice or Moroccan Pilaf with 6 other dishes. The Brisket Fried Rice is the fan favourite at the restaurant so why not opt for the Morrocan Pilaf as you will not get this on their regular menu – flavourful and comes with dried fruits and nuts. The Moroccan Pilaf definitely compliments the rest of the dishes served in the Mubarak Platter. Chargrilled Butter Flatbread can be eaten on it’s own, dip it into the Red Pepper Hummus (which we LOVED) or put the variety of meats served on top of it and enjoy. The Mubarak Platter comes with Smoked Beef Brisket, Harissa Smoked Lamb Ribs and Smoked Ayam Percik Meletop. That smokiness to the meat elevates the taste even more and we kid you not if you haven’t tried it, please do before Ramadan ends. And the last dish which you might not be sure whether the combination works is the Macaroni Cili Api – well, it was absolutely delicious! For those who can’t stand the heat, you can choose the Mac & Cheese instead.

The Mubarak Platter also comes with a list of add-ons:
Umm Ali – RM15 (1-2pax)
Brisket Fried Rice / Moroccan Pilaf – RM10
Chargrilled Butter Flatbread (1pc) – RM5
Smoked Beef Brisket (200g) – RM52
Harissa Smoked Lamb Ribs (500g) – RM100
Smoked Ayam Percik Meletop (¼) – RM34
Red Pepper Hummus – RM10
Macaroni Chilli Api / Mac & Cheese – RM9

We were full mid way through the meal as the portions served are generous therefore bring your friends, family, relatives or colleagues over to enjoy some smoky goodness.

For enquiries or reservations, you can Whatsapp them at or go to their website at

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