The Four Seasons Resort Nam Hai in Hoi An Vietnam gets quite the attention thanks to the resort’s reputation as one of the most luxurious accommodations in the Indochinese country. It is also making heads turn thanks to their world-class eatery, La Sen which serves some of the best local and Asian delicacies.

Situated by the hotel’s pool and just next to the beach, La Sen is the place where guests can embark on a culinary journey through Asia. Thanks to their talented masterchefs, diners will discover a new appreciation for local provenance, with a seasonal menu that unearths the unique flavours of locally sourced spices, herbs and vegetables.  In fact, some of the ingredients are even planted within the resort’s vicinity.

In addition to sourcing only the freshest, locally grown produce and heirloom ingredients, their chefs approach every menu, with the touch of an alchemist, infusing the dining experience with a flair for the transformational. At La Sen, they aims to share the culinary cultures of Vietnam and her neighbours. 

To ignite the senses of the restaurant’s guests, La Sen unveils a spectacular menu comprising of mouth-watering appetizers right down to delectable desserts.

For a rather memorable start, begin with their unique grilled calamari skewers served with banana blossom salad along side the Summer Roll Duo which consists of Prawn spring rolls as well as sweet and sour sauce. Truly a love at first bite, the dish creates an inexplicable sensation as the teeth breaks into the soft wall of the spring roll, unearthing a melange of tastes from the prawns and the dipped sauce.

As for the mains, guests can savour a range of flavourful wonders. However, we highly recommend the Naengmyeon, Korean ice buckwheat noodles served with chilled beef broth, cucumber, raddish and eggs. Or opt for the catch of the day with pan seared fillet, accompanied with fennel citrus salad, vegetable caponata and lemon butter sauce.

Don’t forget to try out their signature ice tea which is also a pleasant visual offering to the eye. Refreshing and cooling, it is the perfect beverage to counter the heat by the beach.

As the resort is know to accommodate the most special dietary needs of the guests, these dishes can also be served using Halal ingredients upon request. So Muslim guests, do not have to worry and can request for Halal meat to be used in their preferred menu. Most of their halal meat and poultry are imported from only the best suppliers worldwide!

Be sure to leave some space for dessert as La Sen also prides in serving the Vietnamese piece de resistance, Sago Che, made of caramelized banana, and iced coconut milk.

For a little whiff of the west taste the many sorbets they have alongside countless other favourites like creme brulee, lemon and lime pie or even carpaccio.

Clearly a masterpiece of a menu, this recommended course is just a fragment of what La Sen can actually offer as there are still other choices that diners may choose from.

With its name La Sen which may inspire and ignite your senses the eatery features a comfortable indoor and outdoor floor plan where guests can browse and occupy the kitchen area before becoming a show kitchen for a more modular dining experience during lunch and dinner. So for an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Hoi An, head on down to the La Sen to attest to this magnificent culinary discovery!

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