Beer has always been one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. While some drink to pass time, others go the extra mile and strive for options of superior quality. This is where two beer connoisseurs, master brewer Steven Lim and Bill Tan (Founders of Gone Rogue Brewing), decided to consolidate their passion and knowledge to bring forth not just commercial beer, but locally brewed craft beer of premium quality to everyone in the region.

The Taste of Gone Rogue Brewing

While it is hard to distinguish amongst different standards when it comes to commercial beers, a mouthful of craft beer provides an endless variety of flavour nuances. Today, as people have become more selective, Gone Rogue Brewing launches into the stratosphere by offering fresh and premium quality craft beer for anyone who seeks to indulge in the finest. Without compromising on its quality, the craft beer at Gone Rogue Brewing is locally brewed with exclusive concoctions to go beyond expectations.

The Usp of Gone Rogue Brewing

Gone Rogue Brewing is the first to provide the widest range of quality craft beer in the suburbs with 18 taps on its premises, locally brewed in artisanal styles with dynamic flavours for every palate.

The distinctive and exceptional grade of brews available at Gone Rogue Brewing carries a widespread of flavours that are not only for the generally male-dominated market, ladies of today are also starting to raise their mugs for the perfect toast. The superb craft beer experience at Gone Rogue is a phenomenal cornucopia of unique and highly complex brews, where each can be savoured at a leisurely pace, much like fine wine.

The Catalyst of Gone Rogue Brewing

With its flagship tavern sprucing up within the densely populated suburb of Bukit Batok with a catchment of more than 100,000 in its area, Gone Rogue Brewing will be the next sought-after city tavern within the suburban landscape packed with PMEBs. It is also the one and only tavern within the mixed-use development of Le Quest Mall (#01-09/10/11), where everyone can chill out and dine in style and sophistication.

Words spread like wildfire where craftsmanship and satisfaction are guaranteed; so don’t fret if you can’t get a seat at Gone Rogue Brewing upon its launch. We promise, the experience of true blue quality is worth the suspense!

Grand opening: 1st July 2021

Location: Le Quest Mall, 4 Bukit Batok Street 41, Singapore 657991, #01-09/10/11

Operating hours: 12pm – 10pm, Daily

About Gone Rogue Brewing

Gone Rogue Brewing is founded by a pair of determined self-starters committed to elevating the quality of lived experiences with friends to everyone who comes through its doors. It serves the widest range of locally brewed flavours from a single brewery in Singapore to date, they come to you straight from the brewery without going through the yeast-killing process of bottling or canning, which guarantees the freshest supply in the most exuberant flavours.

With an interior that offers up an ambience best described as a “city tavern”, Gone Rogue Brewing aspires to build bridges for meaningful connection within its walls, creating an inclusive setting for all to gather, whether it is to enjoy a cold one with loved ones and neighbours, or in blissful solitude after a work day. Freshly brewed and masterly crafted using only the finest ingredients for the refined, cultured, and sophisticated; Gone Rogue Brewing’s dazzling approach to reintroduce old flavours in new ways spreads across their wide range of beverages. This polished and splendorous experience is the ideal location for your next meet-up, with its all-in-one bar experience of freshly brewed craft beers on tap, and array of bold flavour profiles to match every drinker, there is no better way to spend an afternoon or night catching up with a dear friend.

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