Fans of authentic Thai cuisine are in for a treat as Niyom 26 opens its doors at Tropicana Gardens Mall. Located on the concourse floor of the shopping mall, Niyom 26 is a spin-off of the immensely popular Baan 26, an established Thai restaurant in Changkat Bukit Bintang since 2006.

By opening in a new suburbia neighourhood, Niyom 26 is targeting a new clientele with Baan 26’s signature dishes, served within a refreshed, contemporary concept.

“Our menu serves all authentic Thai dishes, and we truly believe that classic is the best,” says the founder Chai Kah Fei, better known as Fei.

“After 17 years, Baan 26 is ready to expand its family and give diners an elevated experience.”

According to Fei, the word ‘niyom’ means popular and famous in Thai, and he’s hoping his new eatery lives up to the moniker.

On what sets Niyom 26 apart from others, Chai singled out the delicious Lobster Tomyam.

“The Lobster Tomyam is our innovation of an authentic Thai dish, and we have added our twist to make it special.”

As the Loster Tomyam is one-of-its-kind, it is only available upon special request and during festive periods such as Chinese New Year and Christmas. Also a signature dish at Niyom 26 is the Lime & Chili Steamed Sea Bass, a perfect tangy taste of spicy and sour featuring fresh sea bass, freshly squeezed lime juice and balanced portion of bird chili.

The rest of the menu features a “best of” what Baan 26 offers, and three new surprises: Soft Shell Crab with Curry Egg Slices, Pomelo Salad with Shrimp and Choo Chee Prawn.

For Niyom 26’s interior, Fei wanted to make the restaurant stand out by incorporating bright colours and distinct Thai elements throughout.

To achieve a vibrant and sophisticated aesthetic, Fei worked closely with renowned designer Orson Liyu.

There are three sections of Niyom 26, each infused with a different colour theme. The red-infused main dining area plays on ‘East meets West’, featuring chandelier lighting and ancient wood craft, highlighting a fusion of floral, pop and art.

Meanwhile, the purple-coloured private dining area features elephant pop art. A dominant motif is the elephant – Fei’s favourite animal – with sculptures of the majestic beast, neon light installation and oil paintings done by Thai artists.

This area can be cordoned off for private events.

Finally, the orange-themed peacock corner is centered around the bar, promising delicious drinks to complement the palate.

“I wanted to design a place that can be popular, hip and fun with a vibrant, colourful lifestyle. Thai culture is not just about the past, it is filled with good vibes and revolution of art,” explains Orson.

He is full of praise for Fei. “He is someone who believes in giving the best Thai cuisine while creating new vibes and elements for a unique dining experience.”

For reservations at Niyom 26, please call 019 204 9926

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