WorldHotels’ longstanding member, The Garden Hotel Guangzhou has recently launched its own historical museum to showcasing the incredible ‘Legacy of 36 Years’. Graceful History of Guangzhou, China ‘Cultures worth inheriting, yet memories to be remembered’ has been a valuable philosophy of the hotel and forms the inspiration behind the debut of the distinctive Garden Hotel Museum who intend to ‘retain yesterday, record today, and serve tomorrow’.

Guests can now discover the decent Guangzhou’s cultural scene throughout their ‘Eight Identities’, which consist of “The same root as the nation. The same frequency of their openness. The same vein as the old city. The same brilliance as the industry. The same quality with taste. The synchronization with the world. The same walk with the times. and The same feeling with the audience.”

The exquisite Garden Hotel Museum is amazingly exhibited in a total surface area of 1,600 square meters, six permanent grand halls, divided into six themes:
• Ancient Industry, The Way of Residence and Stop
• Millennium Commercial Capital, Commercial Port and Residential
• Economic Development, Hotel Prosperity
• Opening to The Outside World, Hotel with The Same Frequency
• Classic Extraordinary, Garden Hotel
• Above the Landscape, Quality Life

WorldHotels congratulates The Garden Hotel Guangzhou on the stunning brand-new museum, which creates an immersive story and truly unique guest experience. The Garden Hotel Museum opens its doors from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9.30am until 6.30pm.


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