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UPIN & IPIN MUSICAL THEATRE – PIN PIN POM! PREMIERS ON STAGE IN KUALA LUMPUR, in collaboration with the number one Malaysian animation production company, Les’ Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. and Star Fortress Sdn. Bhd, brings the “Upin & Ipin Musical Theatre– Pin Pin Pom!” on 3 and 4 September 2022 to audiences in Malaysia.

Upin and Ipin, the famous Malaysian 3D animated TV series, are set to charm the theatre stages again with a musical in Malaysia. is the exclusive ticketing partner for the performance. Upin & Ipin is a beloved 3D animated series that revolves around five-year-old twins and is part of Malaysian pop culture. With the famous catchphrase “Betul, betul, betul!” it has made the series an established Malaysian animated brand that reaches over 300 million viewers.

Now gracing the stage, this theatrical performance follows the story of Upin & Ipin as they discover a magical stone in their village and journey through the magical world of Pin Pin Pom.

The show delivers an enthralling experience through the utilization of the latest technology such as special effects, lighting and LED screens. Upin & Ipin – Pin Pin Pom! Is created by Malaysia-based production house Les’ Copaque Production. The show follows the story of the twins as they discover a magical stone in their village that belongs to the infamous Wicked Witch, Nenek Kebayan, whom has an evil intention of conquering the magical world.

The twins are tasked to defeat her with their magical power and save their village, witness as they transform into new characters – the magical warriors and fight Nenek Kebayan. Will Upin and Ipin manage to stop Nenek Kebayan and protect the magical world and Kampung Durian Runtuh?

Featuring songs from crowd favorites such as “Gembira Bermain”, and exclusives like “Upin & Ipin Berani” and “Pin Pin Pom!”, Upin and Ipin will be accompanied by their close friends, who regularly appear in the series, including the bossy Ehsan, the clever Mei Mei, the young entrepreneur Mail, and their Indonesian friend, Susanti. The performance features new characters specially created for the theatre in the form of the new incarnation of Upin&Ipin -‘the magical warriors’ and Nenek Kebayan, the witch.

The show will be held at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, on 3 and 4 September 2022 at 11 am, 3 pm and 8:15 pm. Tickets will be available in three price categories: RM320, RM220, and RM100. Get ready for a show filled with thrilling action and memorable moments that are bound to entertain the audience as they sing along.

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