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3 Benefits of Batik Boutique Face Masks

When the new year rang, many of us began with hopes of bidding the year of COVID farewell. However, the enforcement of lockdowns in major cities and ongoing restrictions across the globe has made it apparent this is not the case. It looks like we’re going to be wearing face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to find one you like.

Given the amount of real estate a mask takes up on our face, the team at Batik Boutique set out to design the face mask of their (WHO-friendly) fashion. Safe, breathable, and reusable face masks.

Their reusable face masks go beyond the fundamentals. Here’s how:

1. Protects people.

All Batik Boutique face masks have nose wires and offer elastic behind the ear, around the head, or with adjustable straps. This ensures a snug fit that sits comfortably against your face. 

Their three-ply mask (with an optional fourth layer) uses various materials for filtering and breathability like cotton, polyester, and non-woven filters. All their batik face masks use 100% natural cotton fibre which allows for breathing without restriction. Additionally, their masks were tested to meet the qualification for the European particle filtration standard EN 149:2001 FFP1. The KL Skyline masks were even tested with a particle filtration level equivalent to N95 masks. 

Batik Boutique reusable fabric face masks are available in various styles, sizes and colours; there’s a mask for people of all ages. Prices vary across mask designs and range from RM 30 – RM60 sets. 

2. Protects the planet.

In the wake of the pandemic, the world has been told to wear face masks, though little guidance has been provided on how to dispose of them. This creates yet another challenge for our planet as disposable masks create environmental waste. 

Batik Boutique’s face masks are machine washed without damage or change to their shape. Beyond this, their masks come packaged in a biodegradable, 100% cornstarch bag; making it the perfect storage pouch for your mask between uses that also protects the planet.

3. Protects our community. 

The production of Batik Boutique products provides women from marginalised communities with the opportunity to continue earning a sustainable income during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. 

The fabric used in their face masks is also handmade by local artisans from the East Coast of Malaysia. Batik Boutique’s unique, authentic batik pieces are rich in Malaysian heritage; every purchase of a mask goes toward conserving Malaysia’s cultural heritage and economically empowering local artisans. You can be confident that each product you purchase from Batik Boutique directly benefits the 5 -10 artisans who made it.

If you’re on the hunt for a safe and stylish mask – look no further. Batik Boutique is here to help you look, feel and do good. Protect our artisan communities, the planet, and yourself by shopping with purpose at Batik Boutique.

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