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ArtScience Museum Opens Planet or Plastic? Exhibition by National Geographic

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands opens Planet or Plastic?, an exhibition by National Geographic which tells the story of plastic, from its invention to the environmental impact brought about by its mass consumption.

Featuring 70 profound images displayed in six thematic sections, the exhibition – which runs till 28 March 2021 – highlights the fragility of the natural environment, and how it is being impacted by plastic pollution. The show aims to raise awareness of society’s dependence on plastic by visually depicting the global plastic waste crisis and highlighting the people who are working on solutions. The exhibition has a special focus on the devastating effect of plastic waste on the world’s oceans. It has been predicted that plastic in oceans could outweigh marine life by 2050.

“Plastic pollution is one of the most important global environmental challenges of our generation. But it is an issue that we can all do something about. This exhibition informs us about how we got here, the scope of the problem, and how we can each be a part of the solution. National Geographic has made a commitment to reducing our reliance on single use plastics and our hope is that after seeing this exhibition, visitors will join us in that commitment,” said Kathryn Keane, Vice President of Public Programming at the National Geographic Society.

“ArtScience Museum has a deep commitment to sustainability and raising awareness of environmental issues. Planet or Plastic? is the latest of a series of exhibitions and education projects we have presented over the last decade which show the importance of collective action to create a better world. We believe that if we work together with our visitors, we can take practical actions in our everyday lives that can make a real difference. That is why the programmes and educational activities for Planet or Plastic? focus on encouraging our
visitors to get involved. We hope that our programme of on-site screenings, online performances and workshops as well as virtual conferences will inspire visitors of all ages to choose the planet over plastic,” said Honor Harger, Executive Director of ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

Planet or Plastic? makes the important case for the need to find a balance between using this material and protecting our environment. It provides actionable steps visitors can take in their lives to responsibly reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse products with single-use plastic. At the culmination of the exhibition, visitors are encouraged to make a pledge to reduce their own consumption of single-use plastic.

Feet-First Interaction
Within the galleries, ArtScience Museum has created an educational Interactive Space designed for visitors of all ages. The educational gallery encourages visitors to reflect on their consumption of plastic, including a special focus on how Covid-19 has increased our consumption of single-use plastic, creating new environmental challenges. Interactive Space at Planet or Plastic?

The Interactive Space also responds to the challenges of Covid-19 by introducing a new method of interaction. Visitors activate the interactive stations within the gallery using their feet, rather than their hands. “Our Interactive Space pioneers ArtScience Museum’s new ‘feet-first’ approach to tactile interaction within the gallery, offering visitors a new way of interacting with exhibits, without using their hands. Due to Covid-19, visitors have become more conscious of hands-on touching in public spaces, so we are experimenting with an alternative way of enabling engagement with our interactive displays,” added Harger.

Online Programmes
Complementing the powerful message presented in the Planet or Plastic? exhibition is a series of programmes that is specially developed by ArtScience Museum. While borders remain closed, Malaysians can still tune in a series of online programmes that are available from 17 September.

You’re Safe Til 2024: Deep History on 17 September is an online performance which explores massive environmental changes taking place around the world. The online conference, Climate Conversations on 6 October, illustrates how communities can work together to create a positive impact on the environment, inviting climate scientists and local ecologists to share stories from the frontlines of conservation.

The public can look forward to additional family activities and workshops which will be announced throughout the run of the exhibition.

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