Celebrity chef and singer, Datuk Fazley Yaakob marked his first milestone for the year as he was bestowed a special award known as the ASEAN’s Outstanding Celebrity Chef Award at the ASEAN Food and Travel Award 2024 on Thursday night.

According to Fazley, the award was given to him for his achievements and successful collaborations with various local and international brands apart from his new innovative menus including partnerships with hotels back home and abroad.

“I am honoured and proud as this is a very good start, especially before the holy month of Ramadan for us Muslims. Alhamdulillah, receiving this prestigious award is a huge honour. I also accepted the main award and stood among the attending VVIPs. I didn’t expect the judges would choose me to receive the award. I hope this award will motivate other celebrity chefs as well.

This award is a testament of my achievements locally and internationally. It is also based on my victories in the development and innovation of my menus along with the many collaborations with various brands including hotels in and out of the country,” explained Fazley.

The father of four also mentioned that the award is considered a benchmark for him to continue learning and working hard in elevating the status of local food on a global level.

“I started on a television programme and continued to study internationally with hopes of achieving greater heights. For me, education is very important for a chef,” he added.

Meanwhile, on his social media platforms Fazley said that this is his 163rd award after winning the Masterchef title 12 years ago.

“I would like to thank the local brands who constantly put their faith in me and my skills in creating the best new menus. Who would have thought I would hold several monikers from being called ‘abang (big brother) asmara’, the star in ‘Gila Bola’, to ‘abang suara siswa’ the TV host, Dr. Fazley the motivator and now ‘abang’ Master Chef?

It feels like there is still a long road ahead despite my 30 years of experience as an artiste. It also turned out that culinary arts has opened countless opportunities for someone like me,” ended Fazley.

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