Alif Satar and The Locos’ concert with Indonesian singer Anggi Marito became the talk of town in KL, Malaysia.

The event which took place at Zepp KL on 7 January 2024, allowed Alif and his friends to fulfill the demands of his fans, by singing some of his most popular works throughout his career in the local scene.

In addition to stealing the attention of regional music lovers, it also featured Malaysia’s best-selling nasyid group, Raihan.

The night opened with Anggi Marito who sang some popular Indonesian songs before delivering her hit song ‘Tak Segampang Itu’.

After energizing the atmosphere as Anggi’s segment ended, the event continued with the Ishak call to prayer which has never been done by any pop singer in Malaysia. The concert was then opened by Alif Satar and The Locos with the songs Nona Jakarta, I Want You To Love Me, Sesungguhnya Aku, and Jangan Nakal.

Known for his talkative personality, Alif also spent a lot of time chatting with the audience and had time to thank some important figures and sponsors who gave their support.

The night also became more special when popular nasyid group Raihan continued the event and sang with Alif Satar and The Locos.

They performed a medley of songs, including Puji-Pujian-Syukur, Iman Mutiara and Sesungguhnya.

To close the performance Alif came back and inserted the song that won third place at last year’s Anugerah Juara Lagu song competition, Anugerah Terindah.

Lelaki Seperti Aku became the closing song to end the glorious night.

Clearly, Alif is indeed a talented entertainer who is not only able to sing well but also a role model who is loved by many. Various advices were given throughout the night and he had time to share that his success could not have been achieved without the solid support of his loyal fans as well as his family and friends.

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