Back for the second consecutive year as the official coffee sponsor of KL Fashion Week (KLFW), MOCCONA promises fashionistas and coffee lovers alike an exciting week of pleasure and indulgence from now until 27 August 2023, including an exclusive collaboration with local designer Mimpikita, which presented an exclusive fashion show celebrating elegance and timelessness on 24 August 2023.

Just as fashion transcends mere attire, coffee transcends its role as a beverage with its ability to bring people together, expressing MOCCONA’s ethos of celebrating even little moments to dream, inspire and delight the senses.

Throughout the seven-day extravaganza of KLFW23, MOCCONA is serving an innovative menu of aromatic coffee delights made from its bestselling varieties across three coffee intensities: Number 5 (Classic Medium Roast); Number 8 (Classic Dark Roast); and Number 10 (Espresso Style). Fashionistas and coffee lovers alike can pause, savour a cup that has been brewed to cater to their individual taste preference, while celebrating the best of Malaysian taste, talent and style.

Phoon Shi Fun, Head of Marketing for MOCCONA brand owner, JDE Malaysia, proudly highlighted the brand’s commitment for the second year to support local talents in fashion. “The partnership between MOCCONA and KLFW stems from our shared belief in celebrating life’s everyday moments and seeking indulgent pleasure in things that matter to us. We are truly excited to showcase our trio of distinct coffee intensities, each tailored to diverse preferences and personalities. Just as fashion reflects the spectrum of emotions and styles, MOCCONA’s range is designed to elevate the senses and cater to the ever-evolving tastes of coffee aficionados. This collaboration not only celebrates the exquisite fusion of fashion and coffee, but also is an invitation to embrace ‘me time’ to dream and be inspired by sensory delights,” said Shi Fun.


A tribute to elegance, individuality and inclusivity: KLFW guests were treated to a unique fusion of coffee and fashion brought to life at the signature Mimpikita fashion show presented with MOCCONA. The esteemed local designer commemorated their 15 th anniversary under the theme #KitaLimaBelas, embarking on a “time-
travel” journey to resurrect their iconic signature prints – each an eloquent narrative in itself. Crafted from elegant satin fabric, the ensembles radiated an understated opulence while retaining an exquisite flair.

The special showcase also heralded the dawn of “Kita & Co”, a novel Mimpikita collection ushering in a new era for the brand. Celebrating individuality and inclusivity, the collection featured a versatile range, from denim to basic t-shirts embellished with distinct character and style. The synergy between the MOCCONA and Mimpikita came alive as models strode down the runway, donning ensembles that became canvases for personal expression and timeless elegance.

“We are delighted to present this mesmerising show with Mimpikita, celebrating individuality in fashion and life, with each creation weaving its unique narrative. We aim to inspire coffee lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike, underscoring that both coffee and fashion mirror our distinctive essence, and to remind them to relish moments of indulgence and self-expression,” Shi Fun concluded.

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