by Wan Azfarozza

This hotel has no grand entrance leading to a grand staircase to a hotel lobby and no decorated crystal chandeliers. As a matter of fact, guests will be doing their own check–in. The name itself Citizen M says – we are different and chic. Located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, this hotel presents a fresh, young, minimal ambiance with a pinch of artsy twist. Having spent a night at this hotel, there are several distinct features that caught my attention.

The hospitality

Walking into the main entrance, guests will notice rows of tables with desktops. It’s the self-check-in kiosks and they can be intimidating if you are used to staying at hotels that have hotel staff to do everything for you. But fret not. There are staff who will assist you with the self-check-in. The hotel staff also present a young, fresh approach to handling guests. The conversation during the check-in was very laid back, making one feel that you’re a regular hotel guest rather than a first-timer.   

The room that fits the mood

The rooms are equipped with the latest tech which makes everything controlled by one single tab at the corner of your bed. It’s a haven for tech-savvy hotel guests. But is it a nightmare for technophobes. Not so much, as the applications are user-friendly and made easy for hotel guests. The most appealing feature for me was that you can set the mood of the room to suit your preference. Three options were given, Brainwaves Focus, Brainwaves Dream, and Brainwaves Ascend. Choose one of these options and the room will change the ambience from the mood lights to the meditative music that will fill the room. Now, you are zen enough to rest and put to slumber.

The color-coded books

If you have an obsessive need to color-code everything in your life you might want to try Citizen M. Books that have blue covers will be nicely arranged together and similarly for other colors. But it is done artistically and in a stylish way, not in an ‘obsessive-compulsive’ order. This makes the hotel looks tres chic.

The Central Perk vibe

One of the iconic scenes in the Sitcom Friends was Central Perk, a café where all the characters would hang out. My friends and I had a Central Perk moment when we hung out at the commune area in the lobby. The sofa and the decoration made us feel comfortable enough to just sit and chat the night away. No eyes were watching or checking on us as some hotels do. Staff would just pass us by and let us enjoy laughing and chatting together.

If you want something simple, fresh, and new, Citizen M should be on your list. The location is strategic at the heart of Bukit Bintang and the hotel gives a chill and laidback vibe. For more information go to

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