Finally the most awaited day has come, it is more than a pleasure for Hello Universe to present MUSE ‘The Will of The People’ tour – exclusively Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 29th July 2023 as the only stop concert in Asia.

This is Hello Universe’s mission to position Malaysia as one of the preferred concert destination for global superstars and we are grateful to Muse for choosing Malaysia.

Muse needs no introduction. They are two-time Grammy-award winning band and widely recognised as one of the Best Live Bands in the world.

In addition to that, Muse has won multiple awards throughout the world music industry. This special one off show of ‘The Will of The People’ tour will no doubt attract fans across the continent and particularly in South East Asia and beyond.

Apart from appearing live in Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2019, Muse’s last show in Kuala Lumpur took place 16 years ago in 2007.

Adam Ashraf, CEO of Hello Universe said “We are pleased to finally announce that ‘Will of The People’, one night only special for Asia is going to be played in Malaysia. Malaysia is rich in diversity, comprising people of many religions, races and ethnicities. Holding many different cultural and artistic activities has never been a problem, Muse are most welcome in Malaysia. Concerts and festivals is a great way to help the pandemic-hit economy recover. On top of attracting foreign tourists, consequently we are contributing to organise activities for the locals.”

The band, Muse was recently quoted “We can’t wait to perform live in Malaysia. See you guys on 29 July 2023!

YB Hannah Yeoh, Minister of Youth & Sports, who is represented by her Deputy, YB Adam Adli quoted “As this is the sole destination of the band’s tour, it has the potential to attract tourists from the region, which will contribute to the growing of economy. As this particular event will utilise the talents of young people, it will serve as an opportunity for our youth to develop skills in this area.

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