by Wan Azfarozza

Langkawi seems to be the island to visit in Malaysia, especially since the opening of local and international borders. It was one of our contributors’ first-time vacationing in Langkawi after 2 years of pandemic life. S’ekar Pinang was Wan Azfarozza’s chosen place to stay in Langkawi. Was it worth staying here? Here are 5 reasons she thinks why you shouldn’t stay at S’ekar Pinang.

  1. The hospitality

Looking for a very rude service experience like Karen’s Diner in Australia? You won’t be able to experience it here. At all. Instead you will have to experience such a warm, friendly service that is so accommodating to your every need. That ‘Kampung’ tight-knit feeling from the staff and the estate manager Encik Jamal will make you feel at home. S’ekar Pinang really lives up to its motto “You will feel as if you never left your home….” If you want to feel at home with a taste of luxury then it’s a plus point to stay here. 

2. The saltwater swimming pool

If you are into chlorine-filled swimming pools that will leave your hair like hardened straws, dry skin, and chapped lips after several lapses in the pool, this is not the place for you. The pool at S’ekar Pinang is made of natural stones known as Sukabumi which has purifying properties. Not only does it look good in those pictures you’ll post on your social media platforms, the combination of salt water provides therapy for you and has healing benefits for the skin. Good pictures, and great skin. What’s not to love?

3. The artwork

Not a fan of art? Don’t appreciate art? Don’t stay here because you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of 60 original artworks by local and South East Asian artists hanging on the walls of every corner at S’ekar Pinang. The huge paintings on the exposed brick wall in the living area in the main villa will keep you occupied, either mesmerized by the beauty or figuring out the meaning of each painting in front of you. My favorite would be the huge painting in the dining area in the main villa. It looks like an x-ray of human ribs with an artsy twist. Intrigued? There are more paintings to decipher. Take that trip to Langkawi and head to S’ekar Pinang.

4. The Nature

Do you like the sound of cars and motorcycles in the city? The hustle and bustle excite you, while the sounds of crickets at night and the smell of morning dew give you the creeps? Don’t click on that booking button. Surrounded by lush greenery, all you will experience at S’ekar Pinang is what mother nature has to offer and mother nature is very generous with her offerings. At every corner of the estate, you will come across herbs and plants that are mostly used to enhance health benefits like betel leaves, Citronella, and aromatic ginger. So much so that my breakfast was prepared with all the herbs handpicked fresh from the estate. Flavorings and preservatives? While I was staying there, I have no idea what that means. If you’re lucky enough you will also get to see a white-faced capuchin monkey peeping at you while having breakfast at the Sekapur Sireh Cafe. Was I lucky enough? I was.

5. A sanctuary all to myself

To be honest, I do not want to share this luxury estate that fuses rustic, kampung chic with an international flair with everybody else. It’s a gem and I want to keep it as my sanctuary go-to. But, as they say, good things must be shared. I had the best experience staying at S’ekar Pinang and others can experience it too. Should you stay at S’ekar Pinang? No. you shouldn’t.

Yes, you definitely should.   


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