ALLIE is a Japanese sunscreen brand under Kanebo. Since its launch in 2000, ALLIE has evolved as a sunscreen brand that enhances beauty while continually updating functionality to protect against UV rays

Recently, ALLIE has launched the whole new Beach Friendly Formula that takes into account the regulations of some countries, regions and beaches. It will incorporate the new value of “Think Sustainability, Be Beautiful” to the sunscreen market – a new UV product line up that is environmentally friendly, more resistant to sweat, water and friction, lasting non-sticky texture and beautiful finish.

And now comes to the most important part – my personal review on ALLIE sunscreen.


To be honest, I would like to age like wine – I bet you get what I mean and from there, I’ve started on my journey to protect my own precious skin – my face especially. To add on with my current routine, I’m looking for a very good sunscreen – non sticky and good SPF. And ALLIE is definitely the solution thanks to the non-sticky texture and moisturizing finish with beauty essence. All ALLIE sunscreen consists of SPF50+ PA++++ which is comfortable for everyday use for the face and body.


On a daily basis before going out, I’ll apply about 4 pea sized amounts on my cheeks, forehead, and chin, then spread the sunscreen evenly across my face. Then i add 2 pea sized drops for the neck. I will apply it after moisturising and before applying my foundation. Please make sure you wait at least 10 minutes after each product you use to ensure it is fully absorbed.


Every product is suitable for all skin types and are fragrance free. The sunscreen also does not rub off onto your masks, towels or any other objects. It also can be easily removed using facial wash or body wash. Apart from beauty essence ingredients, ALLIE sunscreen can also be used as a base for your make up – which definitely can save your budget. And yes – ALLIE sunscreen can be used anywhere and in all types of weather.


Price starts from RM83.00 for 40grams. It can easily be found at any WATSON store, and is also available online as well as SHOPEE if you want more discounts.

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