As the desire for locally immersive experiences in off-the-beaten-path destinations becomes a growing travel motivation, bespoke luxury travel specialist Intriq Journey today launched Intriq Finesse, the finest in small group travel. Its hallmark collection of curated, all-inclusive journeys allows like-minded travellers to discover hidden gems and the best experiences from a native perspective to foster deeper engagements with local communities. The first trips will cover offbeat destinations in Denmark, Eastern Turkey and Saudi Arabia with rare yet authentic access to highly coveted attractions that are unattainable by solo and large groups.

Weaving in the region’s signature culinary and cultural experiences, the eight-day Nordic cuisine journey from 17 to 24 August will provide a breath of fresh air even to those who have visited Denmark. Through an in-depth food discovery and interactions with local farmers, wine and beer brewers, marine biologists, chefs and entrepreneurs, guests will get to engage in a variety of dining experiences as they meander through local towns, familiar sights and lesser-travelled locations. The journey will include a tasting with local beer brewers at the Millinge countryside, farm-to-table seafood dining at Mando island, a taste of life as a nobleman over wine at during a stay at Dragsholm Castle and a Chef’s Table culinary demonstration and private dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Unlike the typical tour of Copenhagen, guests will board a private seaplane flight for an exclusive sightseeing of the capital’s castles, iconic landmarks and famous canals.

The Nordic exploration begins at SGD12,980 per person for twin sharing and single supplements of SGD2,880 per person. Booking details are available at

History buffs and adventurous travellers who have previously visited Turkey are welcomed to join the 12-day ancient landscapes tour of Eastern Turkey from 26 September to 7 October. Featuring a medley of rural experiences in historic places less travelled, intrepid explorers would find themselves catching the morning sunrise over a breakfast on Mount Nemrut, in the surreal landscape amidst towering eight to nine-metre tall ancient sculptures of King Antiochus. Other key highlights include exploring parts of Turkey few can claim to have seen such as the iconic Balikli Gol and the Great Mosque in Sanliurfa that have been associated with the great biblical patriarch, Abraham. The expedition also includes a visit to Gobekli Tepe – the world’s first and oldest temple, and tales of the ancient site’s excavation by an archaeologist.

Guests looking to conquer one of the final frontiers of tourism may be intrigued by the nine-day Saudi Arabia voyage from 12 to 20 November. Once hindered by the pandemic shortly after the kingdom’s historic opening to foreign tourists in 2019, this immersive discovery of Saudi Arabia will span across five cities, including the lesser-travelled Abha and holy city of Medina. Guests will experience the deep cultural influence of Yemen amidst captivating mountainous views, be accompanied by Saudi Arabia’s famed ‘Flower Men’ during their exploration of Abha before an express train ride to visit the 1,500-year-old ‘Enlightened City,’ where access to the area by foreign visitors is usually denied. Amongst other highlights at Al-Ula – the oldest city in the Arabian Peninsula, a desert safari trip and exclusive backstage tour of the world’s largest mirrored building await, before an unforgettable farewell dinner helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton at the top of the Maraya Concert Hall.

The luxurious accommodations include the Shangri-la Jeddah and desert luxury oasis of Habitas AlUla. This Middle Eastern journey begins at SGD15,280 per person for twin sharing and single supplements of SGD 3,900 per person. Booking details are available at

“Intriq Finesse is our solution for luxury travellers who appreciate the perks of group travel without compromising on their privacy or comfort. We have each journey such that guests travelling to Eastern Turkey or Saudi Arabia will venture off-the-beaten-path into lesser-known destinations to fully immerse and learn about its cultural heritage in a personalised setting,” says Intriq Journey’s co-founder, Lim Kok Yong. “Our tour in Denmark will be a gastronomy venture into New Nordic cuisine and uncovering secrets to Denmark’s happiness through Hygge.”

Each Intriq Finesse adventure comes all-inclusive with an accompanying Travel Concierge for hassle-free holidaying, premier accommodation, local and gourmet meals, drinks, gratuities and ground logistics that are hallmarks of Intriq Journey’s prestigious appointment to Virtuoso. Plans are underway for three additional small group journeys to exotic destinations in Malta, Sicily and Central Asia later this year, for guests to experience a mix of nature activities and each region’s historical heritage.

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