At the centre of the tropical world of Cheval Blanc Randheli, a children’s kingdom crowned with a 500m² house-cabin facing the beach is expanding and adding new opportunities for creative play.

Cheval Blanc Randheli is an unspoilt environment 40 minutes by seaplane north of Malé, the crystal-clear waters and lush vegetation of Noonu Atoll provide Cheval Blanc Randheli with an exceptional setting.

The 46 villas of the resort have been designed in harmony with the lush vegetation of the island and the breath-taking views of the lagoon. An expert team of Alchemists act as ambassadors of the French Art of Hospitality and create a diverse array of tailor-made activities, unforgettable experiences, and personalised surprises for each guest.

Guided dives, moonlight yoga, family expeditions, sunset cruises, and Guerlain wellness rituals on the idyllic Cheval Blanc Spa Island are to name but a few. The artful approach is also inherent in the dining options, with each of the five restaurants on the island offering its own delicious variations. Here one discovers an incredibly captivating tropical resort, celebrating craftsmanship, intimacy, creativity, and the Art of Hospitality.As soon as they arrive, children are welcomed by the Ambassadors of Le Carrousel in three areas dedicated, respectively, to the youngest children, to teenagers, and to families. Trained and dedicated to young explorers, the Ambassadors are there to guide them through real and virtual worlds.

The rounded walls intuitively lead to Le Carrousel reception. As in the tale of “Alice in Wonderland,” everything is on a reduced scale. The borders between exterior and interior dissolve seamlessly, in perfect harmony with the Maldivian buildings and their iconic straw roofs. Walls painted with imaginary fishes enliven a playroom opening onto an outdoor trampoline and revealing a huge net-tree, a slide, and a climbing wall for ascending to the firmament of one’s childhood dreams.

On another wall, an interactive screen allows children to create their own virtual fish, which evolves among the corals and lagoons of the atoll and will be reactivated by the child each time he or she passes.

Then, for the teenagers, it’s time to take the plunge and marvel at the diversity of shapes and colours that abound in the life-rich Maldives sea during special scuba diving sessions.

The many workshops designed and organised especially for teenagers are a haven for the most curious in search of discovery and knowledge: drawing walls, virtual reality helmets, creative and sports areas are there for the enjoyment and edification of explorers of all ages. And the surf simulator allows daredevils to enjoy a safe ride with strong sensations.

Le Carrousel is designed as an open book, revelling in nature and the senses — a contemporary odyssey to create unforgettable memories of playful fun and marine dreams.

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