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Welcome to the Lee Mansion. An ornately decorated manor located in one of the most affluent parts of Kuala Lumpur. In there, you’ll be greeted by our protagonist, Madam Lee, who’s mingling with her guests in the vast courtyard, ready to welcome a full day of Chinese New Year festivities. As one of top socialites in the scene, she is not only loved for her impeccable sense of style — her philanthropy work is well-known too.

As the morning sun shines brightly through the stained-glass windows, Madam Lee, dressed to the nines as always, looked extra luminous in “MeiXing” — a bright yellow number framed with dramatic puffy sleeves and a pearl-and-rhinestone lined keyhole neckline. Her accessories of choice? A pair of jade stud earrings for that pop of contrast, and white pointy-toe pumps for a chic finish.

For one who’s always made sure to champion her cultural identity and traditions, this is, of course, just one of the many exquisite qipaos in her enviable collection. During the few hours between guests, she changed into a pair of comfortable set “Liqiu” — a qipao top crafted in a velvet-and-chiffon material, finished off with matching trousers. Not one to shy away from striking details, her look is adorned with bright orange feathers at the hem that add that extra allure with every movement.

As when the evening falls, she reappears at the top of the stairs in yet another show-stopping piece — a brocade shift dress “Qianru” with an eye-catching pleated cape cinched over the neck. Equal parts traditional and modern, the metallic qipao glistened beautifully under the lights, and as her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, the silk fastening took centre-stage.

Later in the night, she lets her hair down and changes into her version of a party dress ”Bingqing” — a sleeveless qipao embellished with pearls in a geometric pattern on the front and back of the bodice — and slipped into a pair of pearly white ankle strap heels to end the night on a glam note.

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