Tropicana Gardens Mall, the retail arm of property developer Tropicana Corporation Berhad is ending the year on a high note! Tropicana is delighted to announce that the popular Japanese chain retailer JONETZ by Don Don Donki has opened its second and largest store in Malaysia at Tropicana Gardens Mall in Tropicana Indah.

Shoppers will be pleased to know that the latest Golden Screen Cinema (“GSC”) has come to this neighbourhood mall too.

“This is a great milestone for us. To be chosen by these two popular brands signalled the level of
confidence reputable retailers have in Tropicana Gardens Mall. We are buoyed by these latest
developments. The mall opened its doors in the early stages of the pandemic in March 2020.

Seen here Satoshi (left) giving Dion (right) a tour around the new store

Despite that, our tenancy rate had since doubled from 27% to 56% in November 2021, and is set to achieve 67% by the end of this year,” said Dion Tan, Group Managing Director of Tropicana.

“DONKI already has a popular fanbase in Malaysia and many are waiting eagerly for the opening of this store at Tropicana Gardens Mall. Spanning 42,243 sq ft across 2 levels, this unique store offers a wide variety of quality Japanese products, Yatai Japanese street food stalls, CosmeDONKI cosmetic corner, and Halal section.

Tropicana Gardens Mall is pleased to house the second and largest DONKI store in the country,” Dion summarised.

JONETZ by Don Don Donki (“DONKI”) is operated by Pan Pacific Retail Management (“PPRM”)
Malaysia. PPRM is a global Japanese discount retail chain with more than 680 stores spread across the world. 580 stores are located in Japan whilst 90 stores are located throughout Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Hawaii, Bangkok, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

DONKI carries a wide range of products such as snacks, food, groceries, cosmetics, beauty, household to many more includes house brand known as Jonetsu Kakaku, an exciting range of Japanese products which are reasonably priced. JONETZ means ‘passionate’ in Japanese and it relates to how the products are carefully selected to ensure customers experience authentic Japanese products that are of high quality and are only found in Japan.

There are also halal-certified products available for customers to shop with peace of mind.

“Don Don Donki is a Japanese specialty store format which we operate mainly in the Asia-Pacific
region. As a group, we have over 680 stores throughout Japan as well as Singapore, Hong Kong,
Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States. This is our second store in Malaysia and the largest Don Don Donki store in the Asia-Pacific region. We hope our customers enjoy our Japanese specialty – from snacks and groceries, a variety of halal-certified Wagyu beef platters to ready-to-eat meals, traditional sweets, and more,” shared Satoshi Machida, President of PPRM (Malaysia) operating company of Jonetz by Don Don Donki.

Tropicana community and avid cinemagoers can finally return to the big screens and take pleasure in amazing surround sound systems. GSC beckons movie fans with their latest 12-screen cinema at Tropicana Gardens Mall.

These cinemas boast a total of 1,717 seats, with 6 special halls featuring a variety of cinema experiences including:

• Onyx Cinema LED with Dolby Atmos (1 screen)
4K, LED screen visuals and distortion-free High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) picture quality,
combined with Dolby Atmos’ immersive, atmospheric surround sound. Onyx delivers peak
brightness with its LED screen with an infinite contrast to make movies pop with deeper blacks
and vivid colours.

• MX4D (1 screen)
Equipped with Motion EFX Technology that comprises moving seats that sync with the film,
and special EFX generators add environmental effects like light, wind, water, scents, fog, and
much more. MX4D is a sensory experience that makes audiences feel like they are part of the

• GSC BIG with Dolby Atmos (1 screen)
GSC’s premium large format (PLF) combines the biggest screen in the cinema, with big sound
powered by the best-in-class Dolby Atmos, and a big experience with plush leatherette seats
for extra comfort.

• PlayPlus family halls (2 screens)
Designed for families, PlayPlus is a family-friendly auditorium that features an indoor play area
in-hall for kids and an accompanying lounge. Halls are illuminated during screenings, so
children can play and enjoy themselves while watching their favourite movies.

• GSC Premiere (1 screen)
Packed with only twin seats, GSC Premiere offers a more refined cinema experience for two
with in-hall service for food and drinks. There is additionally a waiting area for guests to enjoy
drinks or food before entering their movie.

“We are excited for GSC to be a part of Tropicana Gardens Mall in bringing enriching cinema
experiences to audiences with our wide range of cinematic technologies and offerings. From the
immersive MX4D and Onyx Cinema LED with Dolby Atmos to our proprietary premium large format, GSC BIG, our cinema is designed to bring the best and most incredible blockbuster experiences to movie-goers,” said Shirley Low Kuan Mei, Chief Marketing Officer of GSC.

GSC Tropicana Gardens is also the only cinema to now offer fresh, hot oden serving a variety of 10 different ingredients. Cinemagoers can also enjoy pastries like green tea cake, blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu cups, muffins as well as the improved caramel popcorns at GSC Tropicana Gardens.

Tropicana Gardens Mall is surely bouncing back offering a more unique tenant mix. Strategically
connected to the Surian MRT station, the seven-storey Tropicana Gardens Mall spans approximately 1 million sq ft and houses over 160 stores, including Village Grocer, H&M, Taco Bell, Sports Direct, Adidas, Puma, BookXcess, Royce, the largest Starbucks Reserve, and the most luxurious Thai Odyssey outlet in the country.

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