Local fashion brand, SHALS is proud to unveil SHE RAYA – an array of Eid Festive collection of quirkiness while still instilling sophistication in women’s Raya wear.

This year’s Raya collection is inspired by inclusivity, where SHALS dedicating the collection to all women of various size, age and style; while prioritising the brand’s tagline of ‘confidence through comfort’ for everybody and any-body!

With a total of 20 designed garments, the SHE RAYA collection enhances the quality of the fabrics whilst embracing the functionality of each style like no other. Each designs were kept classic, modern and versatile as the pieces can be worn not only during the festive seasons, but also in any occasions’ wear.

SHE RAYA’s design silhouette includes the classic Kurung Kedah and Kebarung cut, along with flowy and comfortable styles such as a laidback Kurung and Kaftan designs, as well as a modern Pant Suit designs that are suitable for today’s modern Malaysian women.

The designs also feature scalloped border on its’ neckline, sleeves and skirts. It comes in varieties of colours, prints and materials that is perfect for the Malaysian’s weather.

The collection’s name, SHE RAYA derives from the word “She” – which in this context roots back to an idiom that are commonly used within the Malaysian community where it is heavily used to describe a person where they aren’t meant to be taken literally.

Also known as a term of endearment to address someone for which the person feels love and affection, just like the name babe, honey, darling and sweet pea.

“SHE is a substitution of those phrases where people use to express their love in a form of wittiness. It is something that SHALS aims to bring the joyfulness of what Raya celebration should and could be,” said Shalma Ainaa, Creative Director of SHALS.

“Even though there’s still uncertainty about the current pandemic situation, we for sure will never forget about Raya. Hence, no matter what happens, SHE wants to ‘beraya’ too, whenever and wherever she are!” continued Shalma.

The SHE RAYA campaign also features the recent Anugerah Juara Lagu 35 (AJL35) winner, Kaka Azraff as this year’s muse alongside with Shalma Ainaa.

SHE RAYA will have its first drop of the collection exclusively at SHALS official website, www.shals.com.my on the 26th March 2021, Friday at 9:00pm while the second drop of the collection will be launched exclusively on Shopee in April 2021 and are retail from RM309 to RM329 for each set.

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